Joining Worlds

008LowResJpegsArtist Statement

Joining Worlds is an exploration of mark-making inspired by my son, Dylan.

When Dylan was six years old he drew a series of images repeatedly, sectioning his page into four spaces. The sixteen square runes, grouped in fours, form a key to his visual language. Rune, in Old English archaic language, means “whispering, or secret talk.” In the spirit of the word, the runes form a key to whispers from my son’s secret world.

The seven doors (secrets) vary in size and treatment, with each door containing and repeating rune elements. Unique characteristics of each door guided their development. I found myself responding to moments experienced with Dylan and memories from my own early childhood.

Collage has played an important role in this exhibition. The characteristics and relationships between materials involved in this process are integral to creating meaning. I combined materials that have contrasting natures and suggest themes of fragility, strength, containment and growth. Characters from the runes appear in different forms, combined with collaged elements. The seven doors take a visual journey into Dylan’s world, from my point of view as his mother and artist. They create a joined world to be opened, like a door, by the imagination of the viewer.

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